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Uncovering the Secrets of Nicole Forester – From Broadway to Hollywood


Nicole Forester is a renowned actress who has made her mark in both Broadway and Hollywood. She has starred in hit television series such as “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” “The Blacklist,” and “NCIS,” and has also appeared in movies like “A Perfect Ending” and “The Good Lie.” In this blog post, we will uncover the secrets of Nicole Forester’s success, her journey, her achievements, and some fun facts about her.

Section 1: Early Life

Nicole Forester was born on November 19, 1978, in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She grew up in a supportive family who encouraged her to pursue her passion for acting. In an interview, Nicole revealed that she used to perform skits and plays in front of her family when she was just six years old. She went on to attend the Eastern Michigan University, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts.

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Section 2: Broadway Career

After completing her education, Nicole Forester moved to New York City to pursue her dream of becoming a Broadway actress. She made her debut in the play “The King and I” as a replacement for the lead role of Anna Leonowens and later went on to perform in other popular Broadway productions like “The Graduate” and “The Lion King.”

Section 3: Television Career

Nicole Forester’s television career began with a guest appearance in “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” in 2001. Since then, she has appeared in numerous hit television series such as “The Blacklist,” “NCIS,” “The Good Wife,” and “Mysteries of Laura.” In 2019, she appeared as a recurring cast member on the popular series “Chicago Med.”

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Section 4: Movie Career

Nicole Forester also has an impressive movie career. She has appeared in movies like “A Perfect Ending,” “The Good Lie,” “The Double,” and “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.” Her performance in the 2012 drama film “Jack and Diane” was highly praised by critics.

Section 5: Awards and Nominations

Nicole Forester has been nominated for several awards throughout her career. In 2005, she was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for her role as Cassie Layne Winslow on “Guiding Light.” In 2009, she won the Silver Chris Award for Best Actress at the Columbus International Film & Video Festival for her performance in “A Perfect Ending.”

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Section 6: Fun Facts

– Nicole Forester is also a theatre director, and she has directed several plays in Chicago.
– She is an advocate for children’s rights and a supporter of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.
– Nicole Forester is married to actor Paul Brown, and they have two children together.
– Forester loves to read, and she has revealed that her favorite book is “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.
– She also enjoys cooking and baking in her free time.

Section 7: FAQ

Q. What is Nicole Forester’s net worth?

Nicole Forester’s estimated net worth is around $1 million.

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Q. What is Nicole Forester’s most famous role?

Nicole Forester has appeared in several hit television series and movies, but her most famous role to date is likely her portrayal of Christie Monteiro in the popular video game “Tekken 4.”

Q. Does Nicole Forester have any upcoming projects?

As of now, there are no reports of any upcoming projects for Nicole Forester, but she is an active advocate for children’s rights and continues to support the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Q. Where can I follow Nicole Forester on social media?

Nicole Forester is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Her handle is @nicoleforester1.

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Q. How tall is Nicole Forester?

Nicole Forester is 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Q. Where is Nicole Forester from?

Nicole Forester was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Q. Is Nicole Forester married?

Yes, Nicole Forester is married to actor Paul Brown. They have two children together.


Nicole Forester is an accomplished actress who has made her mark in both Broadway and Hollywood. From her early passion for acting to her impressive resume, Nicole’s journey is an inspiration to many. She is not only a talented actress but also a dedicated advocate for children’s rights. We hope that this blog post has uncovered some interesting facts and secrets about Nicole Forester that you didn’t know before. If you’re a fan of Nicole’s work, make sure to follow her on social media and stay up-to-date with her future projects.

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